Introducing Hell's Half Lager!

Introducing Hell's Half Lager!

Hell’s Half Acre Stadium Goods has partnered with Fort Brewery on an exciting new beer collaboration called Hell's Half Lager. This special brew has been crafted with a purpose, as a portion of all sales will go towards supporting the Flying T Club and its student-athlete ambassadors.

Hell’s Half Lager’s name is a nod to the Wild West history of Fort Worth and Hell’s Half Acre. This name resonates with all three partners as they trailblaze their industry focusing on supporting the community and creating a best-in-class experience for their customers and ambassadors.  

The Flying T Club is an organization dedicated to fostering the growth and development of student-athletes in our community. They provide opportunities for young individuals to excel in their chosen sports while emphasizing the importance of education and character development. By offering comprehensive support, including scholarships, training facilities, and mentorship programs, the Flying T Club enables student-athletes to achieve their full potential both on and off the field.

Hell's Half Lager represents a perfect blend of Fort Brewery's expert craftsmanship and Hell's Half Acre Stadium Goods' passion for Fort Worth sports. This crisp and refreshing lager has been meticulously brewed using the finest ingredients to deliver a flavor profile that appeals to beer enthusiasts and sports fans alike. With its smooth finish and balanced taste, Hell's Half Lager is set to become a favorite among beer lovers. Fort Brewery describes the Lager as an easy-drinking stadium beer perfect for the hottest of gamedays.   

As part of the collaboration, Fort Brewery and Hell's Half Acre Stadium Goods will host a series of events and promotional activities to raise awareness about the Flying T Club and the Hell's Half Lager. These events will provide opportunities for individuals to learn more about the Flying T Club's initiatives, interact with student-athletes, and enjoy the fantastic flavors of Hell's Half Lager.

Hell’s Half Acre Stadium Goods is proud to partner with Fort Brewery in supporting the Flying T Club. The collaboration represents our shared commitment to empowering student-athletes and providing them with the resources they need to succeed. Hell's Half Lager is not just a beer; it is a symbol of community support.

Hell's Half Lager will be available for purchase at Fort Brewery, as well as select retailers, bars, and restaurants starting August 3rd. Beer enthusiasts and supporters of the Flying T Club are encouraged to look out for Hell's Half Lager and join the movement to make a difference in the lives of student-athletes.

Find out more about the collaboration: HERE

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